Player Pathway FAQs

Player Pathway FAQs

DC Nominations from school and clubs - FAQ

Q . How many times can I submit the form?

A. As many times as you wish. Due to the current Coronavirus situation we are extending the submission deadline to 1st June. You can nominate as many players as you wish


Q. When are you going to send the nomination mails to parents?

A. Given the current Coronavirus situation we will not be sending any nomination mails our until the governing body give the go ahead for Hockey to resume. 


Q. Who should I be nominating?

A. There are no hard and fast rules on this one.  We've sent the attributes we are looking for in Academy players to the schools and clubs, these players may be playing in your A/1st team or indeed your B/2nd team per year group. We are looking for those who already have talent and those who show potential.


Q  I've lost track of who I have nominated.

A. Each time you submit a form you will receive an e-mail from us detailing who you have already submitted.


Q. I've changed my mind on a particular player - can I remove them from the list?

A. Yes, but it's not something you can do yourself - just drop us an e-mail at either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll remove that person from your nomination list.


Q. Can more than one person complete the form from my school?

A. Yes. Either forward them the mail you have received or contact us and we'll resend the mail.


Q. We already have players in this years Academy squads - Do I need to nominate them for this summer's DC Camps?

A. Yes please



Development Centre - Parent and Player FAQ's

Q. I'm trying to book a place at camp but it says NO STOCK. What does this mean?

A. It means the camp you are trying to book onto has no spaces availalbe. Please try other camps or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to be put on the wating list for your preferred camp.



Q. Why are all the camps full so early?

A. For three reasons - Pandemic lockdown meant we were forced to cancel the first week of camps thus losing 200 places. We are not able to hold extra camps due to the lack of pitches available with the required facilities to make up the numbers. Social distancing restrictions mean we must have less players per pitch at all other camps reducing capacity by 20%.  Should the Return to Play status be lifted we will offer more spaces at the remaining camps.



Q. What are your plans given the current situation?

A. As the social distancing guidelines are changing rapidly we will take the latest advice issued by the Department of Health and England Hockey and publish the latest plans on our Blog, the "What's On" page and will send out details to all nominated players once the final details have been ratified. Our session plans have been designed so the players can work in small groups observing social distancing guidelines. Extensive Risk Assessments have been carried out and agreed with our venues. The current playing restrictions may change during the course of this years programme. No player will be at a disadvantage should they attend an earlier session when playing restrictions may be tighter.

In Brief

  • All staff in close contact with parents will wear PPE
  • All staff will wear PPE when in close contact with players assessing/treating injuries.
  • Staff and players will have their temperature taken daily
  • Hand sanitiser will be available pitchside.
  • Playing equipment will be cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day
  • Staggered start finish times
  • Comfort facilities will be sanitised throught the day


Q. I've received two e-mails for the same child. Can I book another child on the camp as I have 2 invitations?

A. What has happened here is both the child's school and club have sent us a nomination but the contact information provided is different. We cannot assume the same name is the same child. We will reject any applications for un-nominated players.



Q. Where and When are the camps?

A. Check out the "What's On" page on this website as the final camp locations are published. Start and finish times will be staggered to avoid large gatherings.

Please be advised should the current pandemic situation change we reserve the right to cancel any/all camps at short notice.  In this instance fees will be refunded minus PayPal administration charges.



Q. What are the camp addresses?

Charterhouse School - Queens Drive Entrance, Godalming, GU7 2RS

Surbiton Hockey Club - Sugden Lane, Thames Ditton, KT7 0AE

Guildford Hockey Club - Summers Road, Godalming, GU7 3BW

Woking Hockey Club - Wishbone Way, Woking, GU21 3RT 


Q. Can an U15/16 player attend an U13/14 camp?

A. Unfortunately not. It is only fair that all players are assessed against the criteria required for their age group. We are not in a position to swap player to new camps.



Q. My child played in an AC squad this year - Do they need to attend a DC camp in the summer to be considered for next years AC squads.

A. Yes. We are no longer allowing players to go straight to Assessment. In the past the non selection rate for these players has been rather high so we are reverting back to ALL AC players to attend DC camps.



Q. My child is 'age trapped'. Can they train with their school/club friends in the younger age group?

A. England Hockey's Player Pathway Programme is based on year of birth not school year. We do take into consideration the difference in age/school year when assessing the players at camp.



Q. We can't make any of the camp dates. Can my child go straight to Academy Assessment?

A. We're afraid not. ALL players must attend DC camp to be considered eligible for selection.



Q. Why is there a second "Pay Now" button once I have placed by order?

A. Please ignore this button - it is from PayPal. If you do click it it does recognise you have already paid. We cannot remove it unfortunately. Your payment is not processed until we check and confirm the booking against the nomination list



Q. The link you have sent me doesn't work.

A. Before you contact us try cutting and pasting the link into your browser



Q. I've booked on a camp but now my child can't attend. Can I swap to another camp.

A. No. We are now not in a position to swap any player to an alternate camp.



Q. My child is injured/ill and cannot attend camp. What can I do?

A. Where possible we will book the players onto a later camp.  Changes within 7 days may incur a small admin fee. However as of 11th August we are no longer able to swap or move players to later camps



Q. Why is there the adminstration charge for camp changes?

A. The cost of running each DC camps runs into £0000's. Over the last 3 cycles we have reduced the cost of DC camps year on year and we now run the Surrey DC camps on very tight budgets. Facilities and coaching staff are booked in advance and have to be paid for regardless of your child attending or not. Late changes may also require us to hire extra coaching staff which adds to the overall cost of delivering camps.



Q. My child wants to go to a camp with their friends but there are no places left. Can you make room for her please?

A. You may request to be added to the waiting list for that camp but regretably we cannot squeeze in extra players as we need to keep to a strict ratio of players to coaches.



Q. My child is a Goalkeeper but we cannot make any of the Goalkeeper camps  - Can they attend an Outfield camp instead?

A. No. We have employed specialist Goalkeeper coaches who may not be working at the outfield camps and the goalkeepers need to be assessed alongside their peers.



Q. My child cannot attend all 3 days - Can they move between camps to get all 3 days in.

A. No, but exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances and must be agreed by the Director of Coaching. Players must attend at least one day of camp to be considered for the next assessment stage.



Q. When attemtping to book a place online I have left the booking page and it has now timed out. What do I do?

A. The booking form is a once time use form only. So please make sure you have all the information and payment method available at the time of booking. Firstly try cutting and pasting the unique link into your browser, if this does not work please contact us at either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will issue you with a new mail containing the booking link.



Q. What plans do you have for child welfare if we have another summer like last summer?

A. Our players and coaches welfare are of the upmost importance.  We have changed some of our venues for this cycle so we can have access to indoor facilities or significant shady areas should we have another summer of high temperatures. All players should bring sunscreen and a sun hat and plenty of fluids.



Q. My child cannot attend any of the camps for their age group due to other commitments/injury/illness. Can they go straight to the assessment stage?

A. We expect some committment from players and attendance at DC is expected to ensure fairness to all players. Injured/ill players will need to nominated for the next years cycle.



Q. When will we hear on selection decision and get the feedback.

A. All decisions and feedback will be sent out at the end of the cycle.



Q. When are the assessment sessions.

A. The dates are on the "What's On" page of the website.

I wish to cancel my booking - what do I do?

Simply go onto the camp event where you booked your place and select the "cancel" option.  If you wish to rebook send us an e-mail and we will send you another invite if places are available.

My child played in a Surrey squad last year. What are the options for next year?

NO ONE EVER goes straight into the next years squad.

A small number of players from each squad will be invited to attend the Performance Centre (PC) assessment sessions in June 2020 with a view to them leaving the Surrey set up and joining a PC training camp.

All other squad players from the 2019/2020 cycle will need to attend a Development Centre camp and be selected for the assessment sessions in September/October 2020.



What are the plans for the 2020/21 cycle?

This cycle we are having a slight restructure.

There will no longer be SDC camps run by Surrey HA.

Under 17's camps will be an extended 2 day camp with coaching and umpiring modules. ALL players will be invited to attend the selection training sessions in September.

The camp programme starts Monday 20th July and finishes Friday 28th August.

Squad Assessment sessions will be on Sunday afternoon's in September and early October


We are holding camps at some new venues - keep a watch on our  "What's On" page for more details as venues are confirmed.

Coach recruitment will start mid March

What do all the acronyms mean?

  • Player Pathway is the overall name for the England Hockey Junior process. This was the "Single Syetem" in the past
  • DC - Development Centre - this is the 1st stage of the pathway after club / school hockey and is a 3 day camp run in the summer holidays. The DC's cover U13's through to U17's.
  • ACA - Academy Centre Assessments - this is the stage after the DC's. Some but not all players from the DC camps, alongside players returning from the previous years Academy Centre squads, will attend assessment sessions to determine the selection to this years Academy Centre squads. In the past this has been know as the AC Assessment sessions. These take place on Sundays or Fridays in the September / October time periods.


  • AC - Academy Centre - this is the County Squads. Surrey run 2 squads from U13 to U16 ages and then 1 squad for U17's. We select between 20 and 30 players to each of the squads. Players get a number of training sessions and also games against other counties (Including the other Surrey team for the U13 to U16)


  • PC - Performance Centres - this is the level above the AC and are run by South Hockey for England Hockey at different locations in the south. Nomination to PC's is from the AC squads and can happen at any time in the cycle. The PC cycle is Aug to Aug each year and runs alongside the county level activity.


  • Futures Cup - this is a compertition ran at the PC's and used to help in the selection to the NAGs level


  • NAGS - National Age Group Squads. These are the U16 and U18 England squads and the top level for a player to acheive