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Surrey Hockey Association vote on the England Hockey proposal

After a Surrey Hockey Association executive committee meeting on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 and following a a healthy debate the executive committee have agreed to cast there vote against the EH proposal.

  • A fairer structure for clubs and participates to progress within competitions and league structures
  • Common League rules across all Genders and areas
  • Less travel for many clubs and players (although in some cases time may be increased)

However Surrey Hockey association feel that:-

  • The timescale for implementation is too short
  • Clubs are not fully aware of the changes and only publishing the proposal on 22/12/19 has left little consideration time for such a major change
  • There does not appear to be a structured implementation of the plan – all change in one go when progressive implementation would assist in this process
  • Schools and junior hockey have not been part of this process and the loss of junior hockey tournament's

If the Southern Counties Hockey Association Resolution been allowed we would have supported this position. 

Given that this has been rejected therefore Surrey Hockey Association are recommending that our affiliated clubs reject the proposal which is a shame but could be revitalised if :-

  • A phased implementation of rules across all genders and all areas is brought in
  • A proper consultation with all clubs ensuring the lower level teams are fully consulted
  • Schools and junior hockey activity are also brought into the new proposal to ensure the development of hockey as a sport is no reduced
  • A proper plan for implementation and project management is provided.
  • A full disclosure of all the facts rather than the piecemeal information that has been provided to date

This is our sport and for the future of it we need to make sure that this is right first time. None of the committee are against change and indeed we support the majority of the proposition. However a vote of NO will ensure continue initial stability and perhaps the appropriate consultation period that the sport deserves coupled full clarity of the way ahead on a phased basis. 

Bill Carr


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